Project Description


World's first red shiso skin care series "Shizuju"

Planning | Development | Logo | Image Direction | Package Design etc.


World's first red shiso skin care series

Planning | Development | Logo
Image direction | Package design, etc.

Design Concept

A skin care series based on purely domestic red perilla, created from the idea of ​​"Fuji" and "Local production for local consumption".

For the first time in the world, cosmetics containing the essential oil of red perilla were initially planned to be branded so that red perilla was not exposed because "red perilla has a negative effect on the image of cosmetics."

However, in Japan, it has strong antiseptic and antibacterial effects, and is an important herb that has been used for making umeboshi since ancient times.Along with Japanese herbs, we proposed and adopted branding that extrudes red perilla all over.

Planning and Development

For our skin that grows and lives in the Japanese environment, "Fuji" that the power of plants grown in the Japanese environment is effective, and "Regional revitalization" that contributes to the development of local natural agriculture For the purpose of "raw", we actively used red perilla, and we were particular about Japanese ingredients for other ingredients.

"Red shiso" = "Shiso rouge" ⇒ "Shizuju" = "SHIZOOJU"

In the French language of red shiso, "shiso rouge" sounds like "shiso rouge", and the sound and character are good, and since the Internet became widespread, it is easier to take measures against search engines by coining the naming. It was decided.

In addition, because "skin is also an organ", we made "Gourmet skin | Cosmetic Botanical Gastronomy" a catch phrase because we wanted to give skin care something that is safe, secure, and nutritious, just like what we eat.

No petroleum-based ingredients are used, no additives or petroleum-derived products are used, 100% naturally derived, a simple formulation that does not contain quality stabilizers or carry-over ingredients, and a strong commitment. , Incorporates a simple and stoic image overall.


The essential oil scent of red perilla to be mixed was very impressive, so I made the mark with the image of a fusion of leaves and oil.
In addition, the "SHIZOOJU" logo is a simple formula, but it is the first in the world to use red perilla essential oil, and it pursues basics such as sticking to 100% naturally derived ingredients, "beyond basics". The accent design is incorporated into the logo with the image of "brand".

Product Design

Since it mainly uses Japanese ingredients such as red perilla, rice, camellia, yuzu and ginseng, and has a rich texture and fragrance, it is more "Japanese-style" than the general image of natural cosmetics. I chose a matte black base instead of earthstone because I wanted to create a design that brings out the motif of red perilla while giving a feeling.

From all-natural raw materials and time-consuming processes that are particular about stoic, golden text is arranged in a symmetric layout to create a calm and rich feeling in order to give a profound feeling.
For the gold color of the outer box, we have adopted a design that is particular about the material, such as making it stand out by foil stamping on matt black paper.

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