Project Description

Parseille Co., Ltd.

A comprehensive BIO company that "evokes the original feeling of nature"

Web Design | Coding | Operation Consulting

Parseille Co., Ltd.

"Awakens the original sense of nature"
Comprehensive BIO Company

Web design | Coding
Operational consulting

Design Concept

The website of Parseille Co., Ltd., which creates the brand "SHIZOOJU" that we handle.Starting with the regional revitalization of Fukuoka Ashiya, where the head office is located, the theme was to convey the highly motivated corporate philosophy through the website, with a strong commitment to organic and environmental considerations.

Previously, we operated websites separately for each brand, but as we expanded our business as a comprehensive BIO company, we also integrated the websites into one to convey the business content of the company in an easy-to-understand manner. We helped organize the content so that it becomes.

Web Design

In order to introduce our efforts as a regional revitalization, introduce cosmetic brands, cafe business, and put together a lot of content on one website, we considered how to show the menu, readability of content articles, and ease of operation. I tried to make the design simple yet easy to understand.

Since it is often accessed on a PC, we have incorporated icons into the global menu and adopted Japanese web fonts so that the text is easy to read even when browsing on Windows.

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