Project Description

Organic Recipe

A popular recipe site operated by Organic Press
Organic recipe

Logo design | Web design | Coding

Organic Recipe

Operated by Organic Press
Popular organic recipes

Logo design | Web design | Coding

Design Concept

I am making a website with Nuri,Organic press A recipe site operated by.We offer seasonal handicrafts and basic and simple organic recipes.

I want to show recipes that use many columns and images related to popular foods in organic press in an easy-to-understand layout, and I want to assemble pages so that they are easy to find.Moreover, because the update frequency is high, the site is full of things that I want to do, in order to increase the degree of freedom of operation.While operating, I would like to make improvements and pursue not only design but also ease of use every day.


Logo design

Organic press Since it is a recipe site operated by, we have created it based on the concept that we want to make the image of organic press not significantly changed, and to be widely familiar not only to people in the industry but also to general users.

It is designed to be light with outline characters and to leave an impression with a thick black frame.Because we specialize in simple recipes, we do not use gray, which was often used in organic presses, for the icons, but only black, expressing simple purity.

Web Design

From the desire of Editor-in-Chief Aki Sato to convey traditional Japanese handicrafts such as how to make pickles and how to boil beans to young people, it is simple so that it can be easily accepted by the younger generation. Incorporated fashion.

The text is designed in Mincho style with Japanese web font in a balance that leaves a traditional atmosphere, with a mode image using strong black and pop dashed lines.

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