Project Description

Organic Press "To the Platform of the Organic Industry"

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It is an organic information site that disseminates the attractiveness and trends of the organic industry.The editor-in-chief's own value standards are firmly adhered to, and the content provided from a perspective that is useful to the industry is very attractive.Since the concept and standing position are solid, you can proceed without blurring the direction you are aiming for.

We promoted the design with the aim of acquiring a new user base in the industry by incorporating a sharp and modal essence instead of the usual warm design in the organic industry.
Also, since it is an information site, it has a lot of access, so I tried to avoid server troubles as much as possible and build a system that is easy to operate.



We wanted to value a neutral image, so we chose orthodox fonts and balanced them so that we could feel the movement to deliver industry trends and news.


Web design

Since it is a major premise that news and information distribution and industry information are easy to see and use, I tried to design it simple and make the content stand out.By incorporating a flat design and adding sharpness and pop colors at the points, we are considering making it fun and fashionable.


smartphone site

The number of mobile users has increased overwhelmingly in the last few years, which is hard to imagine from the beginning of production, and as a countermeasure, we launched a smartphone site.The main premise is that it is easy to use and view on smartphones, but we focused on the balance of icons and margins with an awareness of clearly showing the individuality of the site.



First of all, I try to design it so that people want to pick it up and take it home.While keeping costs down, we try to create a balance between the fact that the world view of the website is clearly communicated and the layout that makes it easy to see and read the information that is the original purpose.

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