Project Description


"British aromatherapy brand born from nature as it is"

Photography | Web Design | Coding


Born from nature as it is
British aromatherapy brand

Photography | Web Design

Design Concept

The world of aromatherapy perfumers is deepened by blending, expanding the range of scents and increasing the grade of scents. An unknown world where 1 + 1 is not equal to 2, but changes to 3, 4, or 10.I tried to convey the wisdom of drawing out the power of plants and the world view of aromatherapy, which have been passed down from ancient times in Europe, to the younger generation of Japan.

I was conscious of the design that visually conveys the magnificent concept of "natural nature" and "we are a part of it" that the British aromatherapy brand "Meadows" cherishes.


We used a lot of plants to create a natural sheer balm, which is made by using the essential oils of plants and using original blending technology.

In order to convey the rich scent of Meadows products, we have adopted light, tone, and framing that make you feel the density.

Web Design

I had a solid brand concept and had a lot of wonderful content, so I thought about how to show it, such as arranging a lot of images so that visitors to the site can read it carefully.We use corporate colors at key points to ensure that the brand image is firmly established.

Also, because the design of the existing shopping cart does not match the brand image and we want to operate our own site with the same domain and management screen, we installed only the button of the existing shopping cart in WordPress and WordPress I made it a style of running a shopping site.

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