Project Description

"Remove the wall and aim for a borderless society" a.ladonna.LLC | Aradonna GK

Web design | Coding

"The last time I created a website,chiaki-a.ladonna. JAPANThe website of "Aradna Godo Kaisha", which was established as a "company aiming for a borderless society" by removing the barriers of mind, body, generation, gender, and nationality.

I deeply sympathized with Chiaki Kato, the representative, and the brand that combines art and high technology with the provision of barrier-free fashion, and started by organizing what she wanted to express together.There are a wide variety of activities, and through web design, we focused on "how to show and what to convey?" And devised a simple and easy-to-understand structure.


Web design

While including the image of "chiaki-a.ladonna. JAPAN" that I designed last time, I was conscious of a natural and universal design so that more people could get familiar with it.Japanese web fonts are used, making the characters easy to read for Windows users.



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