Regardless of your budget or work size, please contact us using the inquiry form or the LINE official account. We support meetings at ZOOM, so people far away are welcome.

Inquiries on LINE

2 | Counseling

In addition to email and LINE, I would like to make a proposal after talking to you, so please decide the schedule for those who can meet and talk to ZOOM, LINE video phone, etc. for those who are far away.
* There is no cost for the first counseling.

3 | Quotation

We will create it based on the budget you heard in counseling.If necessary, we will offer some plans, such as Shochikuume.
If you are satisfied, we will transfer the start fee (30% to 50%) and place an official order.

4 | Design / Proposal

We propose concepts, basic plans, and design proposals.
For the first time, we will meet you in person or at ZOOM etc. while listening to your opinions.
After that, we will communicate as necessary and proceed with the work.

5 | Delivery

The delivery method differs depending on the content, but we will communicate firmly as we proceed with the work and make sure that there is no difference in consciousness during delivery.
If you are satisfied, we will transfer the balance and officially deliver it.

List of jobs so far

"Design is the result of communication"

Design is the result of communication.Communication is not only between people, but also between society and people, and people who are not in front of us.Make full use of your five senses to inflate and shape your imagination.The design is what to absorb and how to shape it in a series of flows.

There is nothing more fun than hearing and consulting, sharing the direction you are aiming for, and getting excited together.As a result, I think that a convincing and good design will be born.

People far away from Tokyo are also welcome.
The use of ZOOM has made it possible to have in-depth meetings.More than half of the projects currently requested are being promoted with people far away, including overseas.In that case, email and chat are convenient, but in order to convey subtle nuances and feelings, it is basically important to communicate properly face-to-face or ZOOM.