Introducing "HARI MAGIC", a therapeutic beauty treatment salon in Daikanyama, where Nuri designed the logo and website.

As the name "Harimagic" suggests, it is a unique salon where you can be healthy and beautiful by combining popular esthetic treatment menus such as hyper knives while using needles and manipulative techniques.

I can really sympathize with the idea that "essential beauty is true health."However, just being healthy is not enough, and I designed the logo image with the same importance for trends and fashion beauty awareness.

The store logo that can be seen from the outside.It's just a simple dig, but it has an impact.In a basic sans-serif font, the letter "I" in "MAGIC" is likened to a magic wand, and the stars are springing up.

It was when I actually received the treatment that I came up with this bold image.With needles and a unique joint approach, I couldn't forget the impact of a dramatic change in my body, so I portrayed that experience on the logo.

Harisenbon.It looks painful, but it doesn't hurt at all.Simply remove the stiffness of the facial muscles with a needle and the face will change.If you also release the oral cavity, the stiffness from the clenched teeth will be completely removed and the face line will be refreshed.

Difference in left and right foot length due to pelvic distortion.As an exercise enthusiast, I am doing muscle training and aerobic exercise while holding this difference between the left and right, so stress on my body accumulates.It's hard to cure by myself, but here it can be cured in an instant.

It's fun to work hard, but rather than trying hard, I'm keenly aware that stopping, looking back, and accepting reality will lead to the greatest growth.
There is also an initial discount, so it is recommended that you check your body once and perform maintenance.

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